Nurses House Dolphin Award

“The acrobatic, high energy dolphin must spend most of its time hunting to survive. But when a pod member is sick or injured, others will set aside their own needs to come to its rescue. A pair of dolphins, one on each side, will stay beside it, lifting it to the surface to breathe each breath – sometimes for days at a time – until it recovers the strength to swim for itself." - Unknown

The dolphin is the symbol of Nurses House and represent the overall mission of nurses helping nurses. The Nurses House Dolphin Award is given on an annual basis to an individual or group that explemplifies this mission.

Past Dolphin Award Recipients:

2012 - The Alumnae Association of Prospect Heights School of Nursing

2011 - Claire F. Murray, MS, RN

2010 - New York State Nurses Association

2009 - Maimonides Medical Center

2008 - Diana J. Mason, RN, PhD, FAAN

2007 - The Foundation of the Alumnae Association of Mt. Sinai School of Nursing





Nurses House President Claire Murray (center) Presenting the 2010 Award to NYSNA's Executive Director, Tina Gerardi (right) and President, Karen Ballard (left)

Nurses House President Kathryn Prividera Presenting the 2011 Award to Claire Murray

Nurses House President Elizabeth Anne Mahoney Presenting the 2012 Award to Margaret Tarpinian



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